Over the past years, Bobby Gujral Photography has built a reputation as one of the leading photography schools and has become leading provider of photographers through emerging programs that put the students first.

With the groundbreaking approach to teaching, proposing a variety of long-term short-term courses with concentrations in all zones of photography: imaginative, organizational and commercial, Bobby Gujral enables the students to grow skills that will help them to initiate a career in professional photography, fashion industry or filmmaking. Grasping the craft of capturing the perfect photo strains a strong technical foundation. Fenced by award-winning faculty and working with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, the students are stimulated to discover their own creativity and cravings at the institution where taste becomes international.

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Let’s face it; opening street photography is no easy task. For the usual photographer, going from shooting flowers into shooting people in the streets is like marching into a Ferrari after driving a Toyota Prius. It is frightening at first, but quite frightening once you try it out. After shooting on the streets for about many years, here are Bobby Gujral top tips for somebody (with absolutely no upbringing in street photography) to get their feet wet.

  1. Ditch the zoom and use a wide-angle prime
  2. Get close
  3. Always carry your camera with you
  4. Disregard what other people think of you
  5. Smile often:
  6. Ask for permission
  7. be respectful
  8. Look for juxtaposition

Bobby Gujral feels that this is what makes street photography so exclusive and captivating when compared to other genres of photography. Photographs are able to carry the humor, irony, and the beauty of everyday life, by contrasting people with others and the environment.

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