Bobby Gujral Photographer


‘’The world is a beautiful place, so roam around and capture the perfect shot’’- Mr. Bobby Gujral.  Travel photography includes clicking the great shot of:

•    Photographing destination hotels and resorts,
•    Tourist attractions,
•    Scenery,
•     Outdoor adventures,
•    Local events,
•    Cultures, and
•    Customs.

Further, these images are used for advertising, merchandising, and print sales. With such a vast diversity of subject matter, travel photographers work skills across all photographic disciplines: portraiture, landscape, wildlife, architectural, reportage and event photography.

Mr. Bobby Gujral has line down some of the points for the aspiring photographers who want to join this field for sake of glamour. Before you think to be a traveller photographer, you must have some characteristics to be a part of this field:

•    You must be Flexible
•    You must be tolerant
•    You must be resilient

Careers in travel photography are as speckled as the destinations they serve, and you have entire sovereignty to design your own path. The first and foremost stage is to get out into the domain and shoot. Twitch with anyplace you’ve been hallucinating of traveling, and go! Plan forward, do some exploration, and don’t shoot like a tourist.

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